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>> 11.07.2009

i met smooth my 2nd last year in high school. he walked into the cafeteria one day like he owned shit. but he didn't scare me.

"hi my name is (*****)"
"what's up i'm (*******)"
"what school did you come from?"
"st. augustine, i'm here to play ball"

he was acting like he didn't want me, and that threw me off... for a second. but i fell instantly in love with his big brown eyes. this dark chocolate man with light brown eyes stole my heart as i ate my fries (with ketchup and mayo dip). i turned to my girlfriend and told her 'i'm going to marry him'

a grade older than me, he made his move a while later causing instant envy at this outsider who captured the prettiest girl in the school. this tall basketball player, who ran the school was the sweetest man i ever dated. i remember times he would comb my hair in the cafeteria, walk me to my bus before going to play ball, and when my school uniform sweater got torn, he sewed it up for me. he waited almost a year to have sex with me, without pushing me, and when he did he was so nervous

'this pretty light skinned girl is in my bed wanting me to take her',

and once he did i was addicted. and he was too.

'you give the best head i've ever had' while his leg was shaking.

when he finally kissed my kitty "i don't do that", his big strong hands lifted up my leg while he bathed me, he sat down on the tub ledge and his virgin tongue timidly entered my pussy.

this nigga who resembled curtis jackson, but was in no way a thug had me wrapped around his finger. seeing him in a fitted, baggy jeans and a tshirt had my mouth salivating. the very smell of him made my pussy wet and i stole moments with him whenever i could. giving him head in doorways, riding his cock any chance i got. fucking him when his family was home, making him bus again and again. his touch on my arm would cause my knees to buckle, and his kisses caused shivers to run up and down my spine. we spent many days and nights locked together in mutual sweat, all sex funky and there was no where else i wanted to be.

damn. i loved him soo much.
we went through so much together. and when i told him i (think) i liked girls one thanksgiving, he said 'i love you, and i'm going to stay with you through this, but now i have to worry about you leaving me for a girl'

6 1/5 years we were together, and although we are no longer together we are still best friends. he reads my blog, and doesn't question me about it, i offer him my body whenever he needs it. i know he has my back no matter what, and i will always be his ride or die.

baby, this song has always reminded me of you, and it still does.



Anonymous,  November 8, 2009 at 1:20 AM  

This is so sweet! :) Glad y'all are still close. Brown skin is such a beautiful song, I'm sure the man will agree!

Da_Kween November 8, 2009 at 6:56 AM  

Wow, girl....that's the sweetest thing. I think that is the tender love experience most young girls long for. I adore your bond with him. :)

:::the.kisser::: November 8, 2009 at 5:23 PM  

thanx ladies. he's definitely a good man. and i'm glad i was able to experience the time i had with him.

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