my week in texts

>> 11.15.2009

: india arie and muzik soul child- “chocolate high” that’s the trak, that’s our trak, period that’s my word.

: i can’t shake you, still want you in more ways than 1 “addicted to your chocolate high” it’s that simple, speakin for myself though, can’t speak for you.

: i was wonderin when i was gonna get some blog time lol, thanks it was kool, i liked it. Keep blogin, still love you.

: yo, you commin over?

: the greek god is good. I’m so into him that it’s sad, i have a dinner date with him this week....but i’d rather just eat him. Lol.

: i did a taste test with my hand.

: here you go putting pictures in my head again.

: took in your blog, birthday sex was tuff.....kool, nosy cause it caught me, inspiration for birthday sex came from where for you? Again let me add written very well lol.... for real was that yesterday?

: “gasp” how provocative, but can you blame him when all you tweet about is sex related? Lol.

: hahaha awe, at least your pipes aren’t rusty.

: i feel like kicking it, but i’m supposed to go to this Gucci social party.

: i told you, you were the only one i wanna be with, and just be with you and focus on you, and all now i’m still waitin on an answer, so it’s clear you don’t want me.

: nope far from it, like i said just changing the strategy, not gonna run in the dark when i got a flashlight in my pocket.

: i would never use sex to win a woman’s heart, i’m good not that amazing, lol, but it’s not all about sex for me.

: do you wanna see me jerk off?



Anonymous,  November 15, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

Some texts surprise you. Others are boring.

the.kisser November 15, 2009 at 11:44 PM  

that's true. i'm a text fanatic, i think you can truly see who someone is by the texts they are sent ;)

Da_Kween November 17, 2009 at 1:13 AM  

Girl, I'm scared to post mine...SOMEONE'S feelings are gonna get hurt. LMAO

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