Music Monday: reggae does it best

>> 12.03.2012

sometimes you just get tired making love to top 40 empty words and over produced 'love songs', so i'm taking it old school. the cover itself is current, but this beautiful song and demonstration of love is from the 60's.

i hope you slow whine with your love to bed tonight.



my week in texts

>> 12.02.2012


i hope you enjoy this week's installation of 'my week in texts' :)

: morning. i needs to be balls deep inside my ********* sometime this week.

: so i walk downstairs naked to get something from the kitchen and get a look as if shi si mi wid a vagina. wah is di real prablem?

: irony is sitting on a board of n organization committed to eradicating violence against women while enjoying thoughts of sexual violence and rape fantasies.

: haha. it is frightening at first. i think its because we're so saturated with dick from an early age that we don't really see or recognize our body parts until later on. its really not that scary. i think some clits are cute. some not so much and same with dick.

: i was getting head and dude was growling and biting.

: Plus...the smell is overlooked if eating of the crotch took place prior to that..if he smells like that constantly then buddy needs to have a tic in his mouth at all times

: I agree! i dated someone who loved to eat pussy. 
He ate pussy so much, his face, lips and breath smelled like it. 
like it sank into his skin and stained his DNA

have a great week kissers!


self love sunday: the horror of it all.

hey kissers!

i hope you all had a splendid week. 

today is self love sunday, i decided to change the name from 'masturbation sunday' because the flow is slightly a bit better, and less crass sounding. i did not get a chance to self love today, as i was spending the weekend with my lover and forgot my toys at home, i know i have a teeny viber here though, and the night is still young, so we will see.....

what i will do is share a self love horror story i had about 2 weeks ago.

it all started in the shower. i was really horny, after watching about an hour and half worth of porn, and i had to release the pent up tension in my pussy, but i did not want to bring my vibrator in the shower with me, (because i'm clumsy and i drop everything). still keeping the images fresh in my mind, i position the shower head on the wall, so i can lean against the wall, be comfy and fondle my nipples in peace. i begin to go at it. massaging my breasts, squeezing and flicking my nipples, my pussy is begging for some action, i look around the shower to see what can become my temporary love slave....i grab my rag, roll the corner up in a nice ball and begin to massage my clit. fail. so back to the drawing board. i grab a shampoo bottle, cover it with my rag, spread my lips, and begin to rub the clit.

fail. frustration!!!!!!!!!

i'm reduced to frantically looking for a replacement, because like many men, the size did not live up to the action. i hop out the nicely hot water, open the cupboard and, grab one of those hotel shampoo bottles. ahhhhhhh!!!!!! victory, my clit side eyed me for a bit at this foreign object, but she submitted and gave in to the writhing it was making me do. i jerked that bottle against my clit so hard, i wanted to cry it felt so good.

and then i climaxed. and it was incredible. and it was incredible. and it was incredible. and then i almost fainted. that shower tomb suddenly felt so fuckin' hot, i thought i was going to pass out. i was dizzy, i was nauseous, i threw up,  i thought i was dying. i turned down the water to a cooler temperature, my pussy was still winking at mr. tiny shampoo bottle, and i was struggling to stay alive.

i showered again, stumbled out, wrapped my wet, heaving body in my towel, crawled towards my room and passed out my bed. it took almost an hour and a half for my heart beat to slow down.

lesson learned: no climax was worth that near death experience. i will never fuckin' masturbate in the shower. EVER. AGAIN.

**** kissers, do you have any self love horror stories? share them with me, let me know i'm not alone***



my week in texts

>> 11.25.2012

here is this week's installation of a week in the life of my phone...

: have to be blunt. there is good pussy, and then there is bomb pussy, and then there is your's. your's has like different chambers and different textures that makes the intimacy profound.

: whenever we're together all we do is make love, 
sleep and watch movies, and eat if we're not too lazy to
get outta bed. we're not really productive 
when we're together .

i was like man, that baby has some picky picky hair. i wonder if that's how brandy's hair looks natural? 

so what are you gonna do this weekend then?
count your shit in a bowl?

I duno wtf im going to do..knowing my luck I'll prob end up in the niagara region with a girl that can't keep her legs closed and another girl that wishes my legs weren't closed..



masturbation sunday

happy sunday kissers!

i hope you all had a sexy weekend.
as you know, i am a big fan of self love. i think it's important, and healthy for one's sexuality to be in tune with your self, your body and the needs of your members. i, myself do most of my self loving on sundays, because that is when my house is empty and i can be as loud and as vulgar as possible.

and i can be very loud......and vulgar.

today's self love session was similar to the others that i have been having, quick and very intense. they have been so quick lately. i guess it's due to the body changes i have been experiencing, also watching porn for about an hour prior doesn't really help. hmmmm, i guess, right?

here is the video i used to help me achieve climax. (if you remember, i don't like heterosexual porn). if you are up to watching this delicious video, take in 10:19 - 12:02 (that's my favorite part)

happy masturbating. and heyyy @ebony panther ;)



5 friday facts

>> 11.23.2012

here are 5 random facts about me:

* when i was in high school i wanted to be a pimp
* ever since this sexual encounter, i no longer enjoy being finger fucked.
* i'm seriously considering being the olivia to his fitz
* i still find no enjoyment in watching heterosexual porn
* swallowing cum always gives me a severe tummy ache

if there is anything you want to ask me, please email me

or tweet me @kissthepen



music monday: mos def can hold my panties

>> 11.19.2012

happy monday night lovin kissers!



my week in texts

>> 11.18.2012

i've decided to return to my favorite part of this blog. i hope you kissers find this glance into my personal life interesting.

:sometimes all i wanna do is cum in 7 minutes.

:confession: now i want to see your panties.

:feeling you is always very nice. rather prefer being inside you in passion longer. love hearing you moan and scream. and begging me to stop. i get a rise out of that.

:tether you spread-eagled to use at my discretion while i went about my day.

:what happens when you outgrow me?

:once i said "shut the fuck up and take the dick." she shut down immediately.

** these are all texts that i have received over the past week. all names have been removed to protect the senders privacy.**



Music Monday: Bob Marley vs. Sandy

>> 10.29.2012

this music monday is dedicated to the lovers who love the rain. i wish you sexy freaks happy sexing, and blissful rain showers!


music monday: i love when r&b swears

>> 6.19.2012

what imaginations does this song invoke in you?
ice cubes over taut nipples?
a shower sex session?
make up sex?

i like to be choked.



>> 6.02.2012

THIS.i really need this right now.
*opens legs*

In respect of this mood: read and be pleasured


name this man....

a man that pursues and attempts to seduce a pregnant woman.
what do you call him?


let's talk about....talking

>> 5.30.2012

let's talk relationships today.

there are many key components in a successful relationship, and as much as everyone has unique, specific situations, some keys are universal. like communication.

in my own relationship I've been questioning if mr. griffin has lost his sexual desire towards me, since the last weekend in april, he's been incredibly stiff (and the not the kind of stiff i love either). 
in our relationship his love language is physical touch and affection, meaning he's the touchy feely one, and he is always trying to get it in. except for the last month. 

here is the back story: mr. griffin and i recently found out there is a bun in the oven. so instantly my hormone ridden emotional mind started thinking 'is he not attracted to me because i'm pregnant?' 'is he losing interest in me?' 'why doesn't he roll over and wake me up in the middle of night, with his penis slipping into my vagina anymore?'

here is where communication comes in.

i finally lay it out to mr. griffin 'baby, i miss you, and i miss merging with you....why are you keeping yourself from me?'
and his response blew my mind 'first stages of pregnancy are a sensitive time. you speak constantly of not feeling comfortable. i fail to see how merging will ease that....i guess i don't feel comfortable at the moment while you are uneasy with your body'

baby.........why didn't you just tell me that from the beginning?!?!?!?!?!

sometimes we make the unjust decision of what we want to communicate versus what we feel does not need to be said. certain feelings, opinions, and thoughts are held hostage by silence until someone else reaches their breakage point and raises questions. in light of that however a lot of situations and assumptions can be avoided if things are communicated. now, i'm not saying to get willy nilly with loose lips and start chatting everything, but if you decide to be more in tune with your surroundings, with yourself and with your significant other, and the air will be a lot cleaner.

(now to plan the taking back of my penis)



Scrubs Need not Apply

>> 5.11.2012

People always seem to ask this question, now more than ever as the roles of men and women have drastically changed throughout the course of time.

'Who pays on the first date'

Now, as much as I believe in independent women taking care of themselves and not depending on a man for happiness, security, etc.... I still have a lot of old fashioned-ness inside of me when it comes to the idea of a committed relationship or marriage. I am a very independent woman, I am more than capable of taking care of myself, and I have always been happy(ier) single, however saying all of that, I believe when it comes to dating...*drum roll please*... the man should pay.

My reasoning behind this is simple. I am now 29 years old, I no longer date for fun, I do not have that kind of time to waste, my qualities in a potential mate reveal the role I expect my husband to have in our marriage and in our home. I expect my husband to be a provider. That is an indisputable strength of a good man, a good man measures himself by how well he is able to provide for his family and take care of his queen. Not only that, if he is expecting to woo me from my single life of fab, he needs to be able to keep me, and live with me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to.

So when he asks me out on the first date, he is setting himself up to show me he can take care of me, and I'm not going to believe in him as a provider if he can't even pay for a meal.

And forget about going dutch. The last man who played that one-two step with me was not granted the joys of a 2nd date. Pay for the movie my ass. If the dating progresses into a committed relationship/partnership, I have no problem paying, and treating him to outings, but on the first few dates, what we have is not a partnership, it's a job application.

And what the men do not know is, I view the first few dates as a tool to see how they respond to, react to, and treat money. If they use money, and reasonable to good treatment as a bargaining tool for sex in the back of the lac or sexual favours then I know they will not be shit for me.

Some people may see my view as a bit harsh, and that's ok. The fact of the matter is, I know what I want, and I know what I expect from the men who want to be in my life, and if you can't hang, you just can't hang.



secret secretions.

>> 3.26.2012

they were all around. dicks and pussies, we were not alone, but we didn't care.
maybe it was my fault, getting all dressed up, and leaving the house with no panties on. the dress code after all was cocktail....i knew i heard correctly. his cock. my tail.

my left side pressed prettily against the wall.
him behind me, breathing heavily into my ear, whispering mumbles of horny approval. they were all around, dicks and pussies but that didn't stop him from slyly working his hand up my skirt, caressing my firm, tight ass, and slowly using his finger to caress my pink insides.

he finger fucked me. dicks and pussies continually passing us, but his only concern was making my pussy tell on me. juice trickled down my legs.

'i love that they don't even know what's going on' he licks into my ear.

i wish they did though.


f.o.b. spells temptation

>> 3.18.2012

he's dangerous.
not only is he a F.O.B., but he speaks with the most amazing patois and he's young. and you know i love them young.

and he's dangerous for my health, my fantasies and my relationship.
"i don't mind being on the side...if i can't have all of you, i'll settle for some"

and i keep going back to him, granted he provides a service that i've entrusted in his hands which requires me to see him every few weeks or so, and i know i should stop seeing him, but he's good at what he does.

"oh! so you're those kind of people..... i used to be those kind of people too"
"well why pretend you are what you're not? you can only be yourself"

is there some kind of energy i put out that draws 'those kind of people' to me, i know karma is a bitch, but i've already paid my dues, i've changed my life and i no longer have the ambition to be unfaithful. i'm the first person to speak about my experiences with cheating and the damage it has caused, and i firmly believe that it is not worth ruining everyone's experience with relationships and the beauty that it brings for a few seconds of pleasure.

i think i've passed that test, i am reformed. wait.....let me be 100% honest. i have the urge every now and again to try someone new, but i promised myself, and mr.griffin that i wouldn't, and i've stood by that for almost a year now....temptations have come and gone and i've stood by this promise, so what it is about this bwoy that has me imagining all forms of duttiness?..... did i mention he was Jamaican, young and cute.



crazy in love *cue beyonce booty shake*

>> 3.14.2012

i want to say it all the time. but i think i may sound crazy, infatuated and obsessed if i do, so i say it less then all the time. in my opinion however, he doesn't say it nearly enough, and i want him to say it more because it pleases me to my heart strings.

i love you.
granted, we've always felt it, and he's always shown his heart for me through his love language, but we've never said it until now, and it took a major event in our relationship to make him feel comfortable enough to even say it, and by comfortable enough i mean, i forced him in some random room at his job and commanded him to say it, because we needed to speak it into the atmosphere...and he did. and when he did i melted.

but now the question is, how often is too often, and how often is just enough often to say 'i love you'? people will tell you 'say it when you feel it', but i feel it all the time, sleeping, waking, breathing, eating, taking a shit i feel it. should i call him in mid shit and tell him? like, for real though.

i love him. so much.
i'm going to text him and tell him, and probably not again for 1000 seconds or so.

how often do you tell your significant other you love them?


know your worth

>> 3.08.2012


after 2 years....

>> 3.07.2012

it's been 2 years since i've decided to put this part of me to rest and explore other sides of my being, but kiss the pen has always been in the back of my mind, and now on the cusp of turning 29 years old, I've decided to come back and re-explore this side of my being.

what have i been up to?

i've been in and out of a few relationships. poetry guy and i broke up for good in 2010 and it was a devastating time for me, especially because a lot of the real life accounts on this site are about our trysts, but life went on. i almost got engaged in 2010 to brooklyn, but that ended quickly, not quick enough if you ask me. rebounds have come and sugar daddies have gone. i'm settled now in a monogamous relationship with mr. griffin, and i'm happier than I've ever been. needless to say life has greatly affected me and my sexual being, and i need to bounce back, I've not been the same kisser, but i hope to find parts of her again.

what's new with kiss the pen?

throughout these 2 years I've gained a lot of insight and perspective on relationships, so with my return, i will expand kiss the pen to include relationship topics/issues also, i would love to interact with the readers and share my advice and knowledge on sex and relationships, also i do have some surprises up my sleeve, some that i'm sure you'll like.

what can you do?

spread the word! if you enjoy and if you hate, comment, email me, tweet me. ask me questions, tweak my brain, and help us all to grow! i also work with some anonymity , so i ask those who know me personally (i.e. my real name etc...) please keep it to yourself and spill the seed.

I look forward to being back and kissing the pen!



>> 3.06.2012

so, ladies and and gentlemen.....the kisser is back. all grown up.



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