Music Monday: reggae does it best

>> 12.03.2012

sometimes you just get tired making love to top 40 empty words and over produced 'love songs', so i'm taking it old school. the cover itself is current, but this beautiful song and demonstration of love is from the 60's.

i hope you slow whine with your love to bed tonight.



my week in texts

>> 12.02.2012


i hope you enjoy this week's installation of 'my week in texts' :)

: morning. i needs to be balls deep inside my ********* sometime this week.

: so i walk downstairs naked to get something from the kitchen and get a look as if shi si mi wid a vagina. wah is di real prablem?

: irony is sitting on a board of n organization committed to eradicating violence against women while enjoying thoughts of sexual violence and rape fantasies.

: haha. it is frightening at first. i think its because we're so saturated with dick from an early age that we don't really see or recognize our body parts until later on. its really not that scary. i think some clits are cute. some not so much and same with dick.

: i was getting head and dude was growling and biting.

: Plus...the smell is overlooked if eating of the crotch took place prior to that..if he smells like that constantly then buddy needs to have a tic in his mouth at all times

: I agree! i dated someone who loved to eat pussy. 
He ate pussy so much, his face, lips and breath smelled like it. 
like it sank into his skin and stained his DNA

have a great week kissers!


self love sunday: the horror of it all.

hey kissers!

i hope you all had a splendid week. 

today is self love sunday, i decided to change the name from 'masturbation sunday' because the flow is slightly a bit better, and less crass sounding. i did not get a chance to self love today, as i was spending the weekend with my lover and forgot my toys at home, i know i have a teeny viber here though, and the night is still young, so we will see.....

what i will do is share a self love horror story i had about 2 weeks ago.

it all started in the shower. i was really horny, after watching about an hour and half worth of porn, and i had to release the pent up tension in my pussy, but i did not want to bring my vibrator in the shower with me, (because i'm clumsy and i drop everything). still keeping the images fresh in my mind, i position the shower head on the wall, so i can lean against the wall, be comfy and fondle my nipples in peace. i begin to go at it. massaging my breasts, squeezing and flicking my nipples, my pussy is begging for some action, i look around the shower to see what can become my temporary love slave....i grab my rag, roll the corner up in a nice ball and begin to massage my clit. fail. so back to the drawing board. i grab a shampoo bottle, cover it with my rag, spread my lips, and begin to rub the clit.

fail. frustration!!!!!!!!!

i'm reduced to frantically looking for a replacement, because like many men, the size did not live up to the action. i hop out the nicely hot water, open the cupboard and, grab one of those hotel shampoo bottles. ahhhhhhh!!!!!! victory, my clit side eyed me for a bit at this foreign object, but she submitted and gave in to the writhing it was making me do. i jerked that bottle against my clit so hard, i wanted to cry it felt so good.

and then i climaxed. and it was incredible. and it was incredible. and it was incredible. and then i almost fainted. that shower tomb suddenly felt so fuckin' hot, i thought i was going to pass out. i was dizzy, i was nauseous, i threw up,  i thought i was dying. i turned down the water to a cooler temperature, my pussy was still winking at mr. tiny shampoo bottle, and i was struggling to stay alive.

i showered again, stumbled out, wrapped my wet, heaving body in my towel, crawled towards my room and passed out my bed. it took almost an hour and a half for my heart beat to slow down.

lesson learned: no climax was worth that near death experience. i will never fuckin' masturbate in the shower. EVER. AGAIN.

**** kissers, do you have any self love horror stories? share them with me, let me know i'm not alone***



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