my week in texts

>> 11.08.2009

: would you be down to touch yourself on the cam for me?

: funny thing is, there's things that pop in my mind to say to you, but i don't wanna be a apart of the men that seem to be currently pursuing you, lol, i'm serious.

: your so horney that i can hear it in your voice, i don't see see why you just don't cum check for me and done, unless you have another reason why that's a bad idea.

: the heart beat is the sound of life, it's joy, hope, fear, disappointment, pain, happiness and the power to dream, all the emotions that make us all....

: it was really to bring you to see how things run (the studio)... it may spark your juices, if it won't i will.

: your famous in my eyes ;)

: that's kool, i'm real proud of you 4 real, keep up the good work, keep bloggin. i meant everything i said in a im not your dad kinda way. 4 real keep it up!!

: there's this woman that sits next to me, i literally want to stab her with a rusty knife....omfg she fills the entire office with her negative stank ass energy and bad vibe ugh.

: crazy old lonely cat lady...she's always gwanin bout her 2 pussy cats... like STFU

: not playin with you, i'm being serious, i miss you being stupid wet for no reason...for real i miss the way your face looks when you sit on my dick for the 1st time, that shits sexy.

: nothing as long as it involves your presence, honestly just even kick it... i miss seeing your thick lips and cherry cheeks, been too long.



Soul Powers November 8, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

Well damn... The world wants you badly. I wish I could send you a text or two myself. I just wanna see how it feels to get a sexy reply from you. LOL

:::the.kisser::: November 8, 2009 at 5:21 PM  

lol.... i've seen your blog, if anyone is yearned after it's you and your (alleged) fine ass, in them tims ;)

Eddie November 9, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

lmao daaaamn yeah everyone wants ya!

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