secret secretions.

>> 3.26.2012

they were all around. dicks and pussies, we were not alone, but we didn't care.
maybe it was my fault, getting all dressed up, and leaving the house with no panties on. the dress code after all was cocktail....i knew i heard correctly. his cock. my tail.

my left side pressed prettily against the wall.
him behind me, breathing heavily into my ear, whispering mumbles of horny approval. they were all around, dicks and pussies but that didn't stop him from slyly working his hand up my skirt, caressing my firm, tight ass, and slowly using his finger to caress my pink insides.

he finger fucked me. dicks and pussies continually passing us, but his only concern was making my pussy tell on me. juice trickled down my legs.

'i love that they don't even know what's going on' he licks into my ear.

i wish they did though.


f.o.b. spells temptation

>> 3.18.2012

he's dangerous.
not only is he a F.O.B., but he speaks with the most amazing patois and he's young. and you know i love them young.

and he's dangerous for my health, my fantasies and my relationship.
"i don't mind being on the side...if i can't have all of you, i'll settle for some"

and i keep going back to him, granted he provides a service that i've entrusted in his hands which requires me to see him every few weeks or so, and i know i should stop seeing him, but he's good at what he does.

"oh! so you're those kind of people..... i used to be those kind of people too"
"well why pretend you are what you're not? you can only be yourself"

is there some kind of energy i put out that draws 'those kind of people' to me, i know karma is a bitch, but i've already paid my dues, i've changed my life and i no longer have the ambition to be unfaithful. i'm the first person to speak about my experiences with cheating and the damage it has caused, and i firmly believe that it is not worth ruining everyone's experience with relationships and the beauty that it brings for a few seconds of pleasure.

i think i've passed that test, i am reformed. wait.....let me be 100% honest. i have the urge every now and again to try someone new, but i promised myself, and mr.griffin that i wouldn't, and i've stood by that for almost a year now....temptations have come and gone and i've stood by this promise, so what it is about this bwoy that has me imagining all forms of duttiness?..... did i mention he was Jamaican, young and cute.



crazy in love *cue beyonce booty shake*

>> 3.14.2012

i want to say it all the time. but i think i may sound crazy, infatuated and obsessed if i do, so i say it less then all the time. in my opinion however, he doesn't say it nearly enough, and i want him to say it more because it pleases me to my heart strings.

i love you.
granted, we've always felt it, and he's always shown his heart for me through his love language, but we've never said it until now, and it took a major event in our relationship to make him feel comfortable enough to even say it, and by comfortable enough i mean, i forced him in some random room at his job and commanded him to say it, because we needed to speak it into the atmosphere...and he did. and when he did i melted.

but now the question is, how often is too often, and how often is just enough often to say 'i love you'? people will tell you 'say it when you feel it', but i feel it all the time, sleeping, waking, breathing, eating, taking a shit i feel it. should i call him in mid shit and tell him? like, for real though.

i love him. so much.
i'm going to text him and tell him, and probably not again for 1000 seconds or so.

how often do you tell your significant other you love them?


know your worth

>> 3.08.2012


after 2 years....

>> 3.07.2012

it's been 2 years since i've decided to put this part of me to rest and explore other sides of my being, but kiss the pen has always been in the back of my mind, and now on the cusp of turning 29 years old, I've decided to come back and re-explore this side of my being.

what have i been up to?

i've been in and out of a few relationships. poetry guy and i broke up for good in 2010 and it was a devastating time for me, especially because a lot of the real life accounts on this site are about our trysts, but life went on. i almost got engaged in 2010 to brooklyn, but that ended quickly, not quick enough if you ask me. rebounds have come and sugar daddies have gone. i'm settled now in a monogamous relationship with mr. griffin, and i'm happier than I've ever been. needless to say life has greatly affected me and my sexual being, and i need to bounce back, I've not been the same kisser, but i hope to find parts of her again.

what's new with kiss the pen?

throughout these 2 years I've gained a lot of insight and perspective on relationships, so with my return, i will expand kiss the pen to include relationship topics/issues also, i would love to interact with the readers and share my advice and knowledge on sex and relationships, also i do have some surprises up my sleeve, some that i'm sure you'll like.

what can you do?

spread the word! if you enjoy and if you hate, comment, email me, tweet me. ask me questions, tweak my brain, and help us all to grow! i also work with some anonymity , so i ask those who know me personally (i.e. my real name etc...) please keep it to yourself and spill the seed.

I look forward to being back and kissing the pen!



>> 3.06.2012

so, ladies and and gentlemen.....the kisser is back. all grown up.



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