nablopomo: you can't start a fire sittin around crying from a broken heart

>> 11.22.2009

my musical upbringing has been completely ecclectic thanks to my father, a country born jamiacan who was never really into reggae, but give him some elvis presley, the boss, conway twitty, al green, the beatles, abba, and he's good. i grew up listening to all of that, and i love all of that.

my musical playlist includes hip hop, r&b, 80's rock, 60's-70's music, reggae, rock and roll, counrty western, contemporary, and jazz ( i love me some jazz). i am grateful for the wide range in my musical fav's, i think it has made me a well rounded person, and even though i get strange looks and snickers when i start singing along to blondie, or bonnie tyler, my world is wider and i'm a better person for it.

here is a song that anywhere it plays i will drop everything i am doing to sing, and dance along. (i remember when i was in the mall with smooth and we were walking like the sexy couple we were, this song came on, and i became karoke queen up in that spot, fake mic and everything...LOL...poor smooth) *feel free to insert snicker here.*

i can relate to the boss (bruce springsteen) when he says..(all from memory)

stay on the streets of this town/ and they be carving you up alright/
they say you gotta stay hungry/ hey baby i'm just about starving tonight/
i'm dying for some action/ i'm sicka sittin here round here trynna write this book/
i need a love reaction/ come on baby gimme just one look/
you can't start a fire/ sittin round crying from a broken heart/
this gun's for hire/ even if we're just dancing in the dark/
you can't start a fire/ worrying about your little world falling apart/
this gun's for hire/ even if we're just dancing in the dark./

i have to stay hungry, the minute i become complacent where i am, life is no longer worth living. i need action, i write better in the midst of chaos, keep the drama to yourself, but nothing plus nothing equals a shit load of nothing!.
i need love.
the life i want will not happen for me if i moan and cry about my past sadness and my broken hearts, i have to let that shit go and press on to my future.
the life i need will not happen for me if i walk the path in fear of failure, so what if i fall, what if i fail, that should give me a reason to keep trying, to keep plugging at it, because one day i will not fail. my failures do not make me a failure, my willingness to give up does.


Da_Kween November 24, 2009 at 12:39 AM  

WOMAN! I love you!!! Omg "My Kissiness" you MUST be fam!

I will sing to some A-ha and Talking Heads, then rock out to Aerosmith and Twisted Sister...gimme some Stan Getz, Count Basie and Ella...then I'll sing you some Motown and ride back up the timeline to Madonna and the Go-Go's. My sista has me digging Bach...and I love me some Bonnie Raitt, Reba McIntire & Shania Twain.

...marry me? In blogher hood? LOL

And I SO love this song! Don't make me do the Carlton Banks!

the.kisser November 24, 2009 at 1:15 AM  

i told u already, we have to declare play cousins or something...LOL. i love music and it sucks when people are stuck to one genre, they don't know what they are missing! gwan with the ella my girl whooo!

okay, i thought i was the only one who loved this song, i know it word for word!

and the answer is yes, and that name has to be my fav thus far :)

Da_Kween November 24, 2009 at 11:04 AM  

*gives Kisstrami the 'circle of trust'* LOL

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