my week in texts

>> 12.02.2012


i hope you enjoy this week's installation of 'my week in texts' :)

: morning. i needs to be balls deep inside my ********* sometime this week.

: so i walk downstairs naked to get something from the kitchen and get a look as if shi si mi wid a vagina. wah is di real prablem?

: irony is sitting on a board of n organization committed to eradicating violence against women while enjoying thoughts of sexual violence and rape fantasies.

: haha. it is frightening at first. i think its because we're so saturated with dick from an early age that we don't really see or recognize our body parts until later on. its really not that scary. i think some clits are cute. some not so much and same with dick.

: i was getting head and dude was growling and biting.

: Plus...the smell is overlooked if eating of the crotch took place prior to that..if he smells like that constantly then buddy needs to have a tic in his mouth at all times

: I agree! i dated someone who loved to eat pussy. 
He ate pussy so much, his face, lips and breath smelled like it. 
like it sank into his skin and stained his DNA

have a great week kissers!


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