self love sunday: the horror of it all.

>> 12.02.2012

hey kissers!

i hope you all had a splendid week. 

today is self love sunday, i decided to change the name from 'masturbation sunday' because the flow is slightly a bit better, and less crass sounding. i did not get a chance to self love today, as i was spending the weekend with my lover and forgot my toys at home, i know i have a teeny viber here though, and the night is still young, so we will see.....

what i will do is share a self love horror story i had about 2 weeks ago.

it all started in the shower. i was really horny, after watching about an hour and half worth of porn, and i had to release the pent up tension in my pussy, but i did not want to bring my vibrator in the shower with me, (because i'm clumsy and i drop everything). still keeping the images fresh in my mind, i position the shower head on the wall, so i can lean against the wall, be comfy and fondle my nipples in peace. i begin to go at it. massaging my breasts, squeezing and flicking my nipples, my pussy is begging for some action, i look around the shower to see what can become my temporary love slave....i grab my rag, roll the corner up in a nice ball and begin to massage my clit. fail. so back to the drawing board. i grab a shampoo bottle, cover it with my rag, spread my lips, and begin to rub the clit.

fail. frustration!!!!!!!!!

i'm reduced to frantically looking for a replacement, because like many men, the size did not live up to the action. i hop out the nicely hot water, open the cupboard and, grab one of those hotel shampoo bottles. ahhhhhhh!!!!!! victory, my clit side eyed me for a bit at this foreign object, but she submitted and gave in to the writhing it was making me do. i jerked that bottle against my clit so hard, i wanted to cry it felt so good.

and then i climaxed. and it was incredible. and it was incredible. and it was incredible. and then i almost fainted. that shower tomb suddenly felt so fuckin' hot, i thought i was going to pass out. i was dizzy, i was nauseous, i threw up,  i thought i was dying. i turned down the water to a cooler temperature, my pussy was still winking at mr. tiny shampoo bottle, and i was struggling to stay alive.

i showered again, stumbled out, wrapped my wet, heaving body in my towel, crawled towards my room and passed out my bed. it took almost an hour and a half for my heart beat to slow down.

lesson learned: no climax was worth that near death experience. i will never fuckin' masturbate in the shower. EVER. AGAIN.

**** kissers, do you have any self love horror stories? share them with me, let me know i'm not alone***



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