masturbation sunday

>> 11.25.2012

happy sunday kissers!

i hope you all had a sexy weekend.
as you know, i am a big fan of self love. i think it's important, and healthy for one's sexuality to be in tune with your self, your body and the needs of your members. i, myself do most of my self loving on sundays, because that is when my house is empty and i can be as loud and as vulgar as possible.

and i can be very loud......and vulgar.

today's self love session was similar to the others that i have been having, quick and very intense. they have been so quick lately. i guess it's due to the body changes i have been experiencing, also watching porn for about an hour prior doesn't really help. hmmmm, i guess, right?

here is the video i used to help me achieve climax. (if you remember, i don't like heterosexual porn). if you are up to watching this delicious video, take in 10:19 - 12:02 (that's my favorite part)

happy masturbating. and heyyy @ebony panther ;)



Ebony Panther November 26, 2012 at 5:34 AM  

Hey yourself, sexy. You do know how to turn me on. I'd love to hear you get loud & vulgar someday.

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