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>> 10.30.2009

it's funny. as creative as i am, i am a very technical thinker. very black and white (which annoys the hell out of some people)

*this morning as i was driving home, it began to rain, well sprinkle really, and it sprinkled what looked like stars on my windshield, and it reminded me of a thought i had a few months ago.*

i hate when people tell me things, just to make me feel better. our culture, and our society are full of little sayings that achieve that 'feel better' feeling.

'you can touch the sky'
'reach for the stars'
'the sky is the limit'

but really....contemplation brought me to this end: no matter how hard i try, i will never physically touch a star.

why is that in order to describe potential we use the physically impossible. granted these sayings may inspire someone, but have we ever stopped to think that it may not. telling someone they can do what they really can't do is not encouraging at all, because when the motivational high has wore off, and the high fives have all gone around, we are left with people trying to grab a piece of the blue falling off roof tops and office buildings, and failing each time. failure becomes the end result and our little sayings are shot to hell.

i want you to tell me what i can do. help me to see my potential is for something great. everyone has potential to be something great, no one is lacking, we are all so different and unique and i believe that we are not all accidentally here, but there is such a greater purpose to our lives.

but do not tell me that i can be whatever i put my mind to, loose screws will lay in a field barking like a dog intent on growing fur.

what i'm saying is realism doesn't always stop my dreams, it may help me see things clearer. reaching for the sky just gives me rain clouds and pollution, but reaching for the greatness inside will propel me to be all that i can truly be. a star..... shining when everything around me is dark. shining with purpose, and intelligence. shining with ambition, motivated by the other stars shining around me. shining simply because that is what i do. why reach for one when i have the potential to be like one. bright, boasty, and there for all to see.

imma star.

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Eddie October 30, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

i think the whole purpose behind saying stuff like "reach for the stars" is so that you're inspired to set reall high goals and/or expectations for yourself (even if its damn near impossible) because even if you fail..chances are you'd still make it pretty high...n thats when they can say "well thats better than nothing! look at how much you've accomplished along the way!" lol its silly..i know...

:::the.kisser::: October 30, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

that's what i forgot to add in there...lol... i understand that part too. but it still holds true, you're 'inspired' to set real high goals, and when you don't make them you get a 'well that's better than nothing' or 'you tried'. ummm no thanx. why be made to feel average?

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