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>> 10.04.2009

ladies it is time for us to step up our game, to bring our sexy to another level, to show up and show the hell off. so in my attempt to raise my own bar, from this day on, i promise to be a down to earth highly maintained lady.

i am 26, and in the midst of finding myself, and oh what a wonderful journey it is. exposing myself to the world of spoken word, and exposing myself to art of socializing, i am doing just that, exposing myself. in the midst of my self discovery i have decided to cement who i am, or rather who i want to be. and i want to be a down to earth highly maintained lady. not neccessarily high maintenace, because that can tend to lead to snobbism, and no matter how pretty you are, once your attitude is ugly there is no hope. but we should be proud to take care of ourselves, and let other people see our fabulousity

i want to be the one who always seems like she has it together, because truthfully the world does not need to know i have crap going on in my life. so here is my list that will help me and my fellow ladies get there.

:::note::: most of the points on this list, i already follow but we are stepping up the sexy, and so i have decided to include them. these are also in no particular order.

1::: i will keep my hands and nails looking good at all time. there is nothing worse than meeting a beautiful woman for the first time and shaking her ugly, unkept hands. chipped nail polish (especially bright or dark colours), uneven and jagged nails, and hairy fingers are not attractive, and definitely can cause your sexy points to plummet. can you imagine me holding and stroaking the mic, sharing a poem about my man stroaking me, and in lust you feast your eyes on my unkept nails and hands. please say no. because i am. lotion, lotion, lotion. dry hands are a huge turn off, and something so small can really say a whole lot about you. lazy, uncommitted etc....

2::: i will keep my feet looking suckable and presentable at all times. yes i love to have my toes sucked, and my feet caressed and rubbed, and which man, wants to suck on feet that can scratch a hardwood floor. please don't tell me yours, because you know that is a lie. pedicures are our friends, and even if we cannot afford regular ones, we are more than capable of up keeping them when we get them. why live life always afraid to take off your shoes, dinner parties at your friends homes should be spent enjoying the night, not continually finding ways to hide your feet. and surprise visits should not have you scrambeling for a pair of socks. keep your feet looking presentable at all times, not only in the winter, because sexy knows no seasons.

3::: i will keep my body smooth. now body hair is a touchy subject, because there are some women who love their hairy armpits, and curly legs, i am not one of them. now i admit there are times when i will allow stubble to grow on my legs from sheer lazyness, but that has to stop. no, armpit hair is not cute, and it also allows the duttyness that is BO to dwell. for those who have significant others, your men do not want to know they may be able to cornrow and bead the hair on your body. please be maintained. if you prefer the coochie to be smooth, up keep that. and if you don't at least shave the area around the lips, because a mouth full of pussy hair is not a good look, nor a good taste or smell for that matter. please remember that hair traps odors. if you have facial hair, take care of it and keep taking care of it, no one will be able to see your potential through a mustache, beard, and ashanti side burns. eyebrows... keep those bad boys plucked, and threaded.

we are ladies for a reason, we are beautiful, we are talented, we are sexy. we are born sexy, we need to show that we are sexy. and how can we do that, by showing up and showing off why we are ladies. down to earth highly maintained ladies.

:::to be continued:::


Anonymous,  October 5, 2009 at 12:49 PM  

wow thats fairly impressive, as a woman it seems you know what you want, and the image you want everyone to see, THATS SEXY. Every woman should have a high opinion of themselves, what do you think a man has to do to show he has that levle of confidence/swagg that woman want in a man.

~Kymmy~ October 6, 2009 at 4:35 AM  

Girl, I'm joining in with you on that one! Lets keep our sexy up! :::the.kisser::: October 7, 2009 at 12:43 PM  

yeah kymmy, it's me and you. let's see who else will climb the ladder :)


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