down to earth highly maintained lady part 2

>> 10.07.2009

here we are again, back to being a highly maintained lady. this section of the list is dedicated to my gurl nat who is as insecure as they come, not sure why because she is very funny, and attractive, yet life and men have made her feel different about herself. so nat, (gurl you are the shit) this is for you.

first of all let me clarify why i am intent on referring to myself (and you) as a lady. a woman is just a girl who grew up into an adult, the world is full of women.... however the world is in a major shortage of ladies. many dictionaries describe a lady as : a well mannered and considerate woman with high standards of [proper] behaviour : that's what i believe in, once again not snobbism, because that makes you ugly, so let me describe a lady as this : a woman who is sure of herself before anyone else is, well mannered, well put together, the standard of beauty, knows what she wants, and how to get it, down to earth and highly maintained :

4::: i will always remember that i am the shit. there is no one else like me. no one else has the potential to be beautiful from the inside out like i do. i was born to live a life only i can live. that should give me comfort, but there are some days where i wake up looking like shit, and feeling like it too. should i give up, and allow my emotions to get the better of me, i could, but then my day will end up being shit. i believe that i control my day to an extent, and i with my words can determine my outcome. so when i wake up on those days, hair giving me problems, a pimple on my face, and my tummy looking a little bloated (lol), i look in the mirror, strike a a bad ass pose and tell myself "gurl you are the SHIT!"

having said that, no one can take that knowledge away from you. no man, no jealous women, no one. you are who you are, and you are who you are for a reason. too often we allow our circumstances, and our past experiences to bitch slap us in our face, and mind you not just once, but over and over and over again... when we finally emerge, our face is manipulated and full of bruises, shit, no wonder we can't be confident in who we are. no one else has the power to give us bruises unless we allow them to punch us.... over and over again.

5::: i will always remember that sexy is not in the clothes i wear but it's a mindset. ladies i am soo tired of women thinking that a tight ass pair of jeans (yeast infection worthy), a low top and high heels (they can't walk in) is what sexy is. ask any man and they will tell you that sexy is a mindset, not neccessarily an outfit. ask an self assured lady, and she will say the same thing.
now of course we as women have outfits in which we feel our sexiest, however if we don't come to the knowledge that we as ladies are sexy, the clothes will hold us hostage.

sexy is in how we walk, how we talk, our intelligence and yearning for more knowledge, our creativity, our compassion, our ability to take care of our significant other. our sexy is natural, something we are born with, and since when did you see someone born in a tight ass pair of jeans?

smooth always told me at the most random times (when i'm cotch on the bed, stomach full, and watching a movie) "you know you're sexy right"... poetry guy told me that when i am up there holding the mic, sharing my poetry "you are so sexy", not because of how i am dressed, but because i am confident and able to draw everyone into my space. ladies find your space, own your space, own your natural God-given sexy, and draw everyone into it.

6::: i will always dress to impress. stacy and clinton from tlc's 'what not to wear' have taught me something i will forever hold on to ' don't dress for where you are in life, dress for where you want to be '. once you come to the knowledge that you are the shit, once you own your God-given sexy, you will begin to look like it. ladies, let us step up the sexy, let us leave our houses in such a way that no one can mistake who we are. that doesn't mean a full face of make up (some may prefer that, but i really don't) heels and a pencil skirt at 10am, ( i am sexy in a pair of fav jeans, a fitted tee and wicked flats) it does mean however that we leave our homes looking like we know we are the shit.

::: pleaseeeeee let us comb our hair. this hits home for me especially because i wear my hair in it's natural texture, however that doesn'y give me the excuse to leave my home looking like i have no mother.

::: pleaseeeeee wear your size. OMG. wear your size. if you are a size 9, wear a size 9. keep in mind that size doesn't really matter, fit is everything. but what i'm trying to get at, is wear what fits you. if you are a size 9, you truly have no right squeezing your ass in a size 3, if you are a size 3, why the hell are you wearing a size 9? huh? why the bloody hell? also, not every trend that is thrust our way is for us. know your body, know your body shape, and what looks good on your body. shop around, and don't be afraid to put something down, because everyone else can't wait to scoop it up.

::: pleaseeeeee stop using your face as a coloring book. makeup should be worn to enhance your natural beauty, and to show forth your wicked and unique personality, not to make you look like a damn idiot.

ladies, please remember that we have no control over who we meet once we leave the non-judgemental confines of our homes. we could be bumping into a future boss, a future lover, a future client, sometimes more present than we think, and truss that people remember when you look like crap flung on a wall, people also remember and look up to you when you look like you own your life.

so ladies let us own our lives!


:::to be continued:::


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