to bella

>> 9.30.2009

there are few times in one's life where randomly, inexplicably we fall in love. i'm talking about connection, about meeting someone and just loving them. it's quite saddening that good friends are hard to come by, but whenever the stars align and and two smiles meet, an amazing friendship can be born.

a few years ago, i was working at a well known clothing store and this gorgeous girl, now a woman walked in, recently hired she was nice, sweet and very funny, and i fell in love with her. we hit it off that first day, laughing like a pair of idioits in the back room while i was 'training' her. days, turned into weeks, and we talked about everything under the sun. i became one with her life as she kept me posted on her boyfriend problems, and family woes. months became years, and the memories became real as we talked, and talked and shared some more. upon her leaving the store, i felt as if i had lost a piece of me. but she surprised me and we kept in touch, i became an honory sri lankan as her mom fed me, her dad taught me their history, and i doned a sari to her brother's wedding. and although time sometimes seperated us, with one phone call, nothing seems to have changed.

i nicknamed her bella, because to me, she with her foul mouth, alcholic ways, and willingness to talk, she is truly beautiful.

i saw her on friday, after a few months and it was great being in her presence once again. it was such a good feeling knowing that, as usual we were loud and obnoxious, and surely aggravated someone with our laughing. and as usual we didn't care. at the close of the night, we had one of our most intimate moments, she with her earl grey and me sipping honey lemon, we sat in my car and had a hollywood dragg. " omg, i never thought i would be doing this with lamoi " i laughed.

bella, you are one of my closest friends, and i will always love and appreciate our friendship (no homo).



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