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>> 9.28.2009

life sure is funny when you really sit down and think about it. i've begun to say that life sometimes makes a fool of you. but when life gives you lemons, make lemon cake (kb).

today i went by my now former work place to sign my severence papers and to return my keycard. on the way there, i found myself mentally preparing for the ordeal. i kept thinking to myself ' i don't want to see anyone (other than my gurl obomanique) ', not because i was ashamed of being let go, but i just wanted to get done what had to get done... sever. close that chapter and move the hell on. i had given them one year and 8 months of my life, and now that that chapter was closed, i wanted to sever myself and start over.

walking into the building i felt all percieved anxiety flee, i felt so good, and so free, like i didn't care who i saw or who saw me, i was literally soaring on my butterfly wings. paper work done, i said my goodbyes to mel & ina in hr, chatted with obomanique & prissy and i soared out those doors. what a breath of fresh air to be severed. it's not as painful as one might think, to be severed.

we should sever more often. have a time of severence in which we evaluate the circumstances, and situations in our life, where we look at the people who occupy our time and weigh their benefits, and we should sever. begin with a clean slate. live our life burden free.
we should love it when life forces us to sever, and soar out on golden butterfly wings. for life is a journey, and along the way we have to leave the crap and continue on with the valuables. like values, excellent friends, good education, beneficial circumstances, and wicked self esteem, anything else...crap and shit, needs to be dumped in the ditch they rolled out of.

i will practice routine severence, and when i rise better than i was, my payment will come. and those named crap and shit will see me living my life like it's golden. cause i'm worth more than your shit stains.



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