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>> 9.29.2009

i am a chronic ipod shuffler (that by the way is my ipod on my bed...hot ingrid).

in my r&b groove song list i have only 407 songs, of which i may only listen to 107 well known, well loved songs by me. (as you can see it's on fantasia barrino. truth is... which i do not listen to.) i'll start my day, or my car ride by plugging it in, and routinely skip over the songs i don't know or really don't like and loudly singing (and dancing) to the songs i do know. yet of late i have made a pact with my evolution to listen to every song that plays, regardless of whether or not it's one i want to hear, and the results have been very pleasing. i have found so many songs that i now deem new favs, like sex 4 sugar.common, ego trippin. mya, and many more.

as i was driving home from school last night, rediscovering my love for music the thought hit me.
what if like an ipod we could shuffle life. skip over the undesireable situations, replay the moments we love the most, sometimes all night long (lol... if you know what i mean). and for those cirumstances we wish have never happened we could just hit delete, or uncheck to unsync. wouldn't life be incredibly grand? or would it? would we be satisfied living life on our terms?

similar to my rediscovery of my love for music, that thought helped me rediscover my love and appreciation for life. it reminded me that it's often in the hard, undesireable times of life where we are able to find our fav moments. okay, maybe 'fav' was pushing it .... our defining moments. the moments in which we stand back, look horribly puzzled and realize that 'this is life', the times we found our strength, our voice, our will to stand, stay, or simply walk away. our loves, our hates, and our tolerates...lol. and more importantly who we are, cause as poetry guy put it last night, "those are the things that have made you who you are."

life, as with music was made to discover and to enjoy. songs that meant nothing to us yesterday, could be the anthem of our tomorrow... as with life. we go through crap today, so we are able to smile, laugh, and dance tomorrow, while bopping our knowledge to the songs that helped us get through it all.

i thank hot ingrid, for helping me contemplate life in a new way. i am on a journey of discovery, and life via music (unshuffled) will no doubt help me get there.

here in one of my new favs....

luv la.moi.... live.laugh.love.but above all.live.

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