hollywood dragging - poem

>> 8.19.2009

here i am at 2:05 am fiending... damn it.... i always said this would never, could never be me.... but life sure has a way of making a fool out of you....

hollywood draggin’

poisonous bright lights, dark nights
and slim whites consume my being,
as I send up a flame, two, three clicks
my hand cold in comparison to the glory
seen in orange, yellows and blues,
my hand shaking, shielding it’s fragility from the wind
signaling to time, that it’s time to slow down
and let me sustain my sanity, let me breathe.
I inhale deeply, close my eyes and roll my neck
as I suck and puff out my being

cares important just a while ago now erupt in delicately shaped smoke,
music notes, and mental flows provoke thoughts
which think outside of thoughts provoked in the midst of this serenity
life’s contemplations flow freely, and ramble through holes in the sky
as my mind rambles, deliberations tripping over each other to escape
the shambles of the mundane everyday life, ideas waiting to be discovered
butterflies silver winged, land on bounded silver wings
and serenade silver streams flowing from lips that speak poetry,
lips that blow golden flecks into a shaded sky, acting like shooting stars
as it swirls to my feet, giants to the streets.

I inhale deeply as the relaxation of time speaks to me…
minutes become hours as each second draws me nearer to completion
In this instant, serenely saluting the sky, throwing up peace signs
clouds not created by I float by and become creatures
seen only when my imagination is let loose to bombard reality with what it should be
hollywood draggin’, I am forced to exhale, forced to cough,
and with silver tears in my eyes I stand and
watch my thoughts escape me to find a desire worthy embracing.
accomplished I flick my muse to the side hoping it sparks a fire
catching a passerby on fire, creating a bonfire as bright as life itself
burning through concrete, and selfish human consciousness
burning to a core so that the reflection imbedded in the flame will never die.

and so I continue hollywood draggin’, out of need, out of responsibility,
out of selfish motivation....
I stand under the poisonous bright lights, encirculed by the dark nights,
I allow the slim whites to consume my being.


3 blew.me.a.kiss::::

Butterfly Effect November 8, 2009 at 11:41 PM  

Seems like you may be speaking about smoking. Not sure...what you are puffing though..LOL

Anonymous,  November 9, 2009 at 1:21 AM  

If only you knew how hard I was wrecking my brain to figure this out. It cant be so simple as smoking...cant be! Hmm, I'll come back to this!

the.kisser November 11, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

thank you ladies for taking on the challenge. butterfly effect you guessed right, this poem is about smoking (benson and hedges, super slims..lol)

please email me your 10 questions, no holds barred and i will honestly answer them all.
i look forward to it.

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