my week in texts

>> 1.10.2010

: why are these guys sittin here havin a full out convo about dating, courting, and bein engaged, and how we shud be alone wit much crap! if i drove i'd dip right away, this convo's wayyyy 2big 4me.

: i'm waitin 2leave from here, but these guys r playin freshy jeopardy. <---freshy is the term for a FOB (fresh of the boat)

: ur food got wahmpd, there were 3plates in the fridge n sum1 boxed urs thinkin it was thiers lol i apologize cuz i think u were lookin 4it. <--- damn right i was looking for it! damn cravin ass people!

: well miss me no more, i'm home. happy new year. <--- poetry guy back from jamdown. i missed him like crazy!

: nothin, just got up, figured i'd c if i cud interest u in sum cereal...yah, cereal n ice cream n the curve above ur ass n uhmmm ur face when we were eatin cereal n yah i remember L boogie <--- 'cereal' was how my ex smooth and i talked about sex. L boogie was his hip hop nickname for me.

: glad i can still make u blush, we need 2chill 4real, no later than next week. i don't c y u always take 4evr 2chek me or make me hav 2link u? <--- 'chill' was also how we talked about having sex.

: goodness gracious me woman, you're hhooottt!

bonus convo between bus driver and i
(poetry guy tells me i'm not as innocent as i make myself seem, because i encourage these conversations)

"wanna watch me get head"
"no thanx"
"are you on msn"
"just watch she's good"
"naw....past experiences have been unimpressive"
"does your phone get video"
"trust you'll enjoy this"
"eh.... if she is like the other girls i've seen, i won't.
 it will be a waste of my time"

he then proceeds to send me video #1

"did you get it"
"yeah i got"
"you like"
"it was interesting, she was kinda cute, and your
dick looked nice and juicy. i'm glad you enjoyed yourself"

in comes video part two, followed by video #3 and 4

"did my *** enjoy that?"
"it was was nice to watch"
"i want to have a three sum with you..would you fuck her?"
"she more ur type no?"
"she pretty crazy in bed... she one of my old things....
she married now lol"
"what's her name?"

(this convo is soo long, but that was most of what went on....i tried uploading one of the videos, and it didn't work.)



Reggie January 10, 2010 at 10:06 PM  

And here I thought my texts were somewhat risque, I guess I was mistaken.

Soul Powers January 11, 2010 at 8:58 AM  

lol. you definitely encourage the dialogue. :)

tha unpretentious narcissist © January 12, 2010 at 6:02 PM  

i bout to steal "freshy" i likes that shit.

and you & bus driver i'm saying i wish a chick would ask me if i wanted to see her get ate. where do you find ppl like this? i'm saying.....

LionsVictory January 13, 2010 at 9:50 AM  

you tried to upload the vid on here lol?! Your week in texts always keep me waiting for the next week!

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